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In your selection of a wedding photographer you may have a few questions. Here are a few things you would probably like to know.


My photography style is mainly photojournalistic with a hint of tradition. I enjoy capturing the genuine moments, just as they are. This is, after all, YOUR day. I also take a moment after the reception [after the ceremony, no?] to take the classic family and friends images. The way I see it, your wedding day is a symphony and the emotions are the notes. I’m only doing the recording. I take pictures of family and friends, posed and unposed, during the evening.


The best light is that of the shining star 150 millions kilometers away It is my favourite light. The second best light is the one you make. I like to use the present light, and when needed enhance it with flashes, flashlights and an arsenal of options.


I shoot alone. For that reason, I specialize in small and medium size weddings under 250 guests.

Post production!

I edit all of my images, basic lighting adjustments or more as I see fit.

Delivery time..

Normally, you should receive your images about a month after your wedding day.


 I include an album with all packages. It is my sincere belief that 10 years from today, it will be much easier to cuddle in the sofa with your children, open up that big book and answer their one million questions, than to try to find the files on the computer.

Engagement sessions

 I include an engagement session with all my standard packages. Why? On the day of the wedding everything happens quite quickly. It is important to me that we get to know each other before the big day.

Can I just hire a friend to photography my wedding?

If your friend has a great understanding of composition, lighting, it is a good start. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it. Your wedding day only happens once, and after the flowers, the cake, and the years have passed, the pictures will be all you have. …

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